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This 6,000 seat, 8,500 capacity ballpark features state-of-the-art amenities that will cater to delivering an unparalleled fan experience.  There are few organizations that have as rich of a baseball history than the Atlanta Braves.  Pendulum was selected to lead the design effort on the ballpark portion of the project.  Fawley Bryant Architects is the architect of record lead designers for the 55,000 square-foot clubhouse as well as the balance of the spring training grounds which consists of practice fields, agility training, maintenance, and academy.

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On Sunday, March 24, 2019, we joined The Atlanta Braves and our design team to unveil CoolToday Park to the public for Opening Day. We are confident it was a day that fans will remember.

The way people watch baseball has shifted over the last twenty years. While traditions of old related to the way the game is played remain, the average patron in the ballpark is different, expectations are higher. Patrons are demanding unique options when it comes to food, beverage, and even type of seat. The typical demographic of attendees at games is no longer male dominated; women and extended families are now the norm. There is an overwhelming demand for enhanced technology from inside the park to the outside world. The Braves have consistently demonstrated that they understand where the sports business market is headed and have managed to operate ahead of the curve. Our design of CoolToday Park appropriately compliments the Braves ability to look ahead and to deliver an experience for their fans that will be unparalleled in spring training. Our design celebrates the Braves’ rich history by honoring baseball hall of famers in larger than life imagery on select building facades.  We’ve borrowed elements from SunTrust Park such as outfield wall dimensions and several other amenities so that players and fans alike that attend games in North Port will feel like they are at home.

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